The Lawns are Green


The Lawns are green, 2014

The Lawns are Green is a photographic archive of forty-eight functional homes that were built for the Housing Department in 1945. This archive studies what was a crucial turning point, towards cultural and social change. The photographs particularly record homes of the Hutt Valley suburb of Naenae, which were built amidst a post-war economic boom.

Each home was documented with the intent to explore its external representations and characteristics in isolation. But also to photographically present them as a community. It is the muted tones of the mid-century colour palette that isolates these homes by providing them a sense of individualism and character in this archive.

This work was inspired by the design ethos of a refugee architect, Earnest Pliscke. A chief designer for the New Zealand Housing Department with the commitment to improve New Zealand living standards in the 1940’s. The Lawns are Green reflects not only historical changes but moreover the progression that these homes have developed over time. Being diverted from their original community and social ideals, leaving a sense of nostalgia and separation.