He asked me, “What are you
taking photos of?”

White Light Gray Wall

It is the 21st century. Banal urban buildings and the environments they create catch my eye and intrigue me with their contradictions. On the one hand, they are unremarkable with detached exterior appearances, on the other hand, they are an integral part of creating communities. Ordinary buildings often go seemingly ignored, or at least unrepresented in the wider consideration of the cityscape, but for all that, their purposes are not neglected nor are they inadequate.
Building structures that are emblematic of welfare institution containing the feelings of concealment and privacy, feed my curiosity. It is those people that use and live with these buildings that, by their very presence, alter the built environment through self-expression. Through using the built structures and being influenced by their surroundings the people then reflect these environments of their own making. These buildings often appear out of place and strange, but they both impinge and are impinged upon, by the natural environment they have usurped.


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